As dentists, we get asked about various tooth-related things most days of the week by friends, family, and patients. People ask about this, that, and the other thing. But BY FAR, the most commonly asked about things relate to TEETH WHITENING. Let’s face it. Pretty much every person on this planet would like their teeth to be whiter than they are currently.

Photo of AP24 Whitening Toothpaste

Now this brings to me this newest product showing up on my radar over and over lately. AP24 Toothpaste. In addition to phone calls and text messages I have received about the product, I also commonly see Facebook posts about the product, as Peoria, IL area residents (as does the rest of the world) love to share products, tips, suggestions, etc to other people through their social media platform. The reviews/testimonials were pretty incredible, but I always take these sorts of things with a grain of salt. So, I figured I would look a bit deeper into this toothpaste and see what the fuss was about.

Without further ado, here is my professional opinion on AP24

The short story:

It’s another whitening toothpaste that does exactly what all whitening toothpastes do, albeit for 4-5 times the cost of other brands. Feel free to use it and it shouldn’t cause any detrimental effect on your teeth, but there are more affordable options that will give you the same result.

The longer winded story:

We need to look further into what whitening toothpastes do. It should be noted that whitening toothpastes CANNOT whiten your teeth! Whitening can only occur when a peroxide chemical compound is placed in contact with the tooth for longer periods of time to break down the internal colors within the tooth. Whitening toothpastes, including AP24, do not contain any of these chemicals, and furthermore aren’t in contact with your teeth long enough to whiten them even if the chemicals were in the product. What whitening toothpastes do is to remove external stains on the teeth that can cause our teeth to appear darker (most common causes are coffee, tea, wine, etc). They can do this very effectively!

We looked into the ingredient list to see if: 1) everything in the product was safe and 2) any chemicals in there that were different/unique to other whitening toothpastes.

There are 3 main abrasives present: Hydrated silica, Aluminum Dioxide and Titanium Dioxide. All 3 of these are commonly present in about every whitening toothpaste on the market. Their job is to be abrasive and scrub off surface stains from the teeth. The AP24 is rated as completely safe for use based on its degree of abrasivity, so shouldn’t cause any harm to your teeth.

In addition to those ingredients, AP24 also contains 3 patented ingredients which act to do other things. One of the goals is to create a slick coating on the teeth that will theoretically resist future stains from sticking to the teeth. The other compounds work to create a foam that adheres to plaque and bacteria to help wash them away from the teeth. Both of these functions are beneficial and also should not cause any harm to the teeth.

To summarize, the product is totally safe to use and will probably help to some degree keeping your teeth as white as they are and to not collect more stains. The product will not actively whiten your teeth, however. In my experience, it will work about as well as any other whitening toothpaste on the market.



If you truly want to whiten your teeth, look into professional whitening done through a dentist office. You can learn more information about this HERE.