Bone Loss Could Be The Reason For Your Loose Dentures

When you first received your removable dentures the fit was firm and comfortable. Lately, though, they’ve become loose, making it difficult to eat or speak without slippage.

Loose Dentures

The problem may not be with your denture, but with bone loss. Human bone goes through a natural cycle of dissolving (known as resorption) and new growth to take the lost bone’s place. The jawbone receives further stimulation to grow from the forces generated by natural teeth when we bite or chew.

When natural teeth are missing, however, the jawbone lacks this stimulation, which over time results in bone loss and gum tissue shrinkage. Traditional dentures can’t transmit this stimulating force to the jawbone either, so the bone and gum structure under a denture will also shrink. This results in a looser fit for the denture.

So How Do We Correct This?

The simplest option to correct a loose-fitting denture (especially if it’s the first occurrence) is to reline the dentures with additional material to re-form the fit to the new conditions in the mouth. A permanent relining will require sending your dentures to a dental laboratory to apply the new material based on a mold of your current anatomy beneath the denture.

If, however, your dentures have already undergone a few relines, or after examining your gums we determine a reline won’t provide the fit and stability needed, then it may be time for a new denture. Although this is more costly than a relining, a new denture could provide a more accurate fit to the current contours in your mouth.

The hands down best alternative and most effective solution to a loose denture is to have Dental Implants used to secure a Denturedental implants placed to secure your denture. Dental implants are titanium anchors secured to your jawbone that can attach to your denture to stabilize it. This results in improved fit, improved chewing function, and most importantly improved confidence! The implants also help prevent future bone loss by providing the jaw the stimulation that the teeth once did! Dental implants have been used by many of our denture patients to help drastically improve their quality of life and their ability to once again eat the foods that they love!




If you’ve begun to notice denture looseness, be sure to make an appointment for an examination. From there, we can advise you on what will work best in your particular case. Please call our office at (309) 699-5521 to schedule!