How To Help Combat Dry Mouth

Dry mouth, a condition caused by various medical issues and as a side effect of many different medications, can be very debilitating to the health of your teeth in addition to being uncomfortable. It can greatly increase your risk of cavities and root decay. The saliva is your body’s natural defense mechanism against harmful things to your teeth, mainly bacteria, sugars, and acids. Without your natural flow of saliva, a person must be much more diligent in the care and upkeep of their teeth if they wish to maintain the health of their teeth.

It’s a sad truth, but what you once did to maintain your teeth likely will no longer be enough. These are our suggestions/recommendations to give you the best chance at maintaining your teeth with a dry mouth condition.

How Can I Help Combat Dry Mouth?

Our dentists in East Peoria recommend that patients do the following

Brush Your Teeth More Frequently

Tip: Add frequency throughout your day, since your saliva is no longer cleaning your teeth as well throughout the day.

Strengthen Your Teeth and Roots With Fluoride

Tip: Use fluoridated toothpaste as well as mouthwash at home, and ask your hygienist to apply fluoride at the end of your professional cleanings (it costs extra for adults, but it’s well worth it!).

Consider Supplemental Cleaning Tools.

Tip: Electric toothbrushes and Waterpiks are both great ways to increase your effectiveness at plaque removal.

Use Perioscience Gel Along Your Gumlines Twice per Day

Tip: Use Perioscience Gel Along Your Gumlines Twice per Day

Increase Water Consumption

Tip: The water will help keep your mouth moist as well as help to remove some of the plaque/debris that accumulates on the teeth throughout the day.

Eliminate Processed/Refined Sugars From Your Day

Tip: Soda, Gatorade, candy, etc. Your teeth no longer have the natural ability to withstand the cavity causing foods that they may have in the past. Consumption of these is like throwing gasoline on the fire when it comes to tooth decay. It’s best to eliminate them completely when dealing with dry mouth.

Eat More Fiber in Your Diet

Tip: Fiber, in actual food form, is not only great for your digestion and nutritional needs, but also your mouth. Chewing fibrous foods will help clean your teeth and remove plaque and stains naturally. Consider foods like nuts, seeds, raw celery, and apples as examples.

If Needed for Moisture

Tip: Use a sugar-free candy or candy sweetened with “xylitol”, which is a sugar that cavity causing bacteria can’t digest. They are more costly than regular hard candies, but won’t cause the degradation of the teeth like regular hard candies will. We recommend the brand Spry and using 3-5 candies per day.

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