Retain Your Tooths Strength

Our Peoria dentists at East Peoria Dental Group use crowns for teeth that are no longer strong enough to be fixed with a filling. Crowns surround the entire tooth, bracing it together to keep it strong. Today’s technologies allow the crowns to be strong and beautiful, using porcelain to match the color of the rest of your teeth. Crowns are also often considered cosmetic as they not only repair and restore teeth with a natural-looking cap, they can also be used to change the shape, length or color of a tooth. Crowns can also make the difference between having a tooth extracted and being able to keep it.

Why You Might Need a Crown

  • To protect a weak tooth from breaking
  • To rebuild an already broken tooth
  • To brace together a cracked tooth
  • To protect a root canal treated tooth
  • To replace a failing existing crown
  • For cosmetic improvements

How Long Can a Crown Last

At East Peoria Dental Group, our doctors utilize their dental expertise and experience to create beautiful crowns that fit and last for years. There is no reason to suffer any more with teeth that are chipped, broken or decayed. With a custom-made crown that blends in beautifully with your other teeth, you can enjoy eating, talking and smiling with confidence.

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