Not All Dentures Are Created Equal

At East Peoria Dental Group, we strive to make your dentures look like natural teeth. We have all seen cheap dentures. You don’t want them and we don’t want to make them. We want people to complement you on your beautiful smile, not even knowing they are false teeth.

We do this by using premium denture teeth and acrylic bases. The high end versions of these materials look incredibly natural and the low end versions look incredibly unnatural. We only use the best! We will also work with our lab technicians to customize the arrangement of the teeth. Cheap dentures are made to look like a picket fence, but real teeth don’t look that way. We customize the teeth with natural embrasures and tooth shapes to best enhance your smile.

Partial Dentures

Partials are similar to complete dentures in that they are removable. They are appropriate for patients who are missing several teeth, but not all teeth. Partials are supported by a combination of the remaining teeth and gum tissues. Our doctors will work with you to create a great fitting, cosmetic partial denture to help replace your missing teeth.


Partial dentures are held in the mouth with metal clasps that grip some of the remaining teeth. These can be eliminated with “precision attachments” on crowns on remaining teeth if necessary. Dental implants can also be used to stabilize a partial denture.

Stabilizing Loose Fitting Dentures

Dentures are a removable device. Dentures move! Many patients are able to tolerate this quite well. However, there is a definite adjustment period.


Some people with full or partial dentures experience problems due to the dentures slipping or moving. Not only does this interfere with talking and eating, these problems can cause gums to be sore. This in turn can cause infections and lead to poorer nutrition as one becomes more reluctant to chew with dentures that are uncomfortable.


With modern technology, our doctors can stabilize these dentures with implants, or even eliminate the dentures with implants. They can go over with you the advantages of implantsupported dentures, either full or partial, and if they are an option for you. With implants, your dentures are anchored securely and present the best method of making sure your dentures don’t slip or move. Although they are “locked in” snugly, the dentures can still be removed for cleaning or any needed adjustments.

Denture Maintenance

Dentures need to be maintained with regular hygiene practices as well as regular checkups with the dentist. During these checkups, our doctors will look to see that your dentures are held in place correctly as well as checking for any signs of infections or disease, including oral cancer. Regular dentures may need to be refitted or replaced in 10 years or so, depending on each patient. We recommend our denture patients be seen at least once a year to ensure their dentures are working optimally and the mouth is healthy.


At-Home Maintenance


Your at-home maintenance of your dentures will help ensure the longest durability of your replacement teeth. Follow these tips to help your dentures last a long time:



    • Daily cleaning


    • Remove dentures at night


    • Handle dentures carefully


    • Practice good dental hygiene for your whole mouth


    • Be aware of any changes in denture fit


    • Get regular checkups


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