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At East Peoria Dental Group, we have implemented a number of dental technologies and continue to do so on an ongoing basis. Simply put, these technologies help us provide a better experience for our patients. As dentistry continues to become more high-tech, we will continue to stay at the forefront! The following are some examples of technologies we implement at our offices.

East Peoria Dental Group


We are pleased to offer our patients digital x-rays with up to 70% less radiation than conventional x-rays. Not only are they more efficient, there is no “waiting for the x-rays to develop”. Extremely accurate pictures are available instantly and are viewed on our computer to help show our patients what’s going on with their teeth.


Surgical Telescopes/Headlight. You may notice our doctors wearing funny looking glasses with lenses attached to them. These are surgical telescopes. They allow the doctors to see everything much better, and provides excellent lighting to also improve our view. This greatly improves the quality of our treatment. Our doctors wouldn’t practice without it!


Our doctors often use a special camera to take pictures of your teeth and smile. We use these images to communicate with our patients what we are doing and seeing. It can be difficult for patients to understand procedures or the need for procedures when they can’t see it themselves.

This helps everyone completely understand our recommendations and treatments. We also frequently use high end digital cameras to take pictures to communicate cosmetic information to our dental labs for fabrication of crowns, veneers, dentures, and partial dentures.


Occasionally, we need to reshape gum tissues cosmetically or to provide access to cavities. Our soft tissue laser does this precisely with no bleeding and minimizes discomfort afterwards.

Dental Implants

We routinely replace missing teeth using titanium dental implants. Dental implants look and feel just like your natural teeth!

Digital Scanning

We use the latest in digital scanning to help make flexible, accurate, and productive dental impressions digitally!

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