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Dr. Hudson, Dr. Gray, and Dr. Zimdars have helped hundreds of patients improve their smiles. Having a great smile can improve your quality of life, as you will no longer feel self-conscious about your teeth and hide them in embarrassment. You are in great hands with our doctors, but don't take our word for it. See for yourself! Our before and after gallery is filled with patients treated right here at East Peoria Dental Group.

Dental Implants To Get Rid Of Partial Denture

This patient came to us wanting to be able to eat properly again. He had worn an old partial denture for years, and was tired of barely being able to chew food. We revamped his smile with several dental implants as well as porcelain crowns on some of his teeth, and now he has a great permanent smile and can eat whatever he wants! He was happy to eat a steak and corn on the cob once his teeth were done and he no longer had to deal with a floppy partial denture.

Porcelain Veneers On Discolored Teeth

Our patient had dealt with dark, discolored teeth that were crowded and overlapped for years. Antibiotics from childhood had led to dark internally stained teeth, and she was ready to have a nice bright white smile. We made her smile bright and beautiful with a combination of porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns.

Dental Implants Restore Smile After Trauma

Our patient had a traumatic injury to his front teeth due to a health condition. Unfortunately, he had to have 3 of his front teeth extracted due to extensive damage. We rebuilt his smile with multiple dental implants and a beautiful bridge. His new teeth are stronger than ever and he can continue smiling and eating as normal!

Cosmetic Dentures

This patient came to our office ready for a new smile. She had been embarrassed by her smile for years and was tired of dealing with dark and discolored teeth that were decayed and painful. We totally redesigned her smile using cosmetic dentures after gently removing her remaining teeth. She now has a beautiful and natural smile and no longer has to feel embarrassed!

Dental Implant Replaces Lost Front Tooth

Our patient lost his front tooth to an infection, and was horrified at the thought of missing his front tooth. We placed a dental implant and restored the missing space with a porcelain crown that looks just like his own natural teeth. He no longer worries about his front tooth anymore!

Invisalign To Close Gaps Between Front Teeth

This patient came in wanting to close the gaps between his front teeth. He was tired of getting food stuck between them and having irritated gum tissue. Dr. Hudson used Invisalign to invisibly straighten his teeth and close all the spaces.

Dental Implant Replacing Lost Front Tooth

This Peoria IL patient lost her front tooth that had been fixed many times over the years, and finally broke beyond repair. Dr. Hudson was able to place a dental implant and restore her smile with a beautiful porcelain crown, and now she is able to smile confidently again!

Dental Implant Fixes Smile of Porcelain Veneers

This Pekin IL woman had her smile makeover done many years ago with porcelain veneers and loved her smile. She was traumatized when an accident resulted in her losing one of her front teeth. She came to Dr. Hudson in despair. We were able to place a dental implant and match the crown to her existing porcelain veneers and now she is smiling again like she had never lost her tooth!

Dental Bonding To Fix Smile

This patient was unhappy with her front teeth. She had not been to a dentist office in many years, and was embarrassed that it had been so long. But she became so ashamed of her smile, she came to our office looking for our help. We corrected the tooth decay and unsightly yellow stains on her teeth with beautiful dental bonding. She now loves her smile again and is back to coming to the dentist faithfully every 6 months!

Invisalign To Fix Open Bite

Our patient had a great smile and beautiful looking teeth. The problem was that her front teeth didn’t come together, and so she had difficulty biting into foods. We used Invisalign clear braces to close her bite and now her front teeth come together. She can now bite into sandwiches, tomatoes, apples, and everything else and her smile is even more beautiful than before!

Denture Smile Makeover

Our patient came to us looking to rebuild his smile. He had slowly lost his upper teeth over the years, and was tired of hiding his smile and not being able to eat properly. We used cosmetic dentures to replace his teeth and have him smiling proudly again.

Veneers Give Patient The Smile He Always Wanted

This patient came to us looking to improve his smile. He was unhappy with the shape of his front teeth and the spaces between them. We whitened his teeth and then delivered six porcelain veneers to give him the smile he had always hoped for!

Implants Give Patient Her Teeth Back

Our patient had lost her teeth and were replaced with dentures at another office over 2 years ago. She was never able to comfortably wear her bottom denture. She came to us searching for an alternative to her dentures. She had been eating only soft food for years! We used several dental implants to replace her entire set of bottom teeth, and now she has permanent teeth that aren’t removed. She can now eat whatever she wants again!

Bridge Replaces Lost Front Teeth

Our Peoria, IL patient had lost a few of his front teeth due to a combination of trauma and then subsequent infection. He was very concerned about not having front teeth and his ability to smile. We used a dental bridge to replace the missing teeth and as well enhance the look of the other front teeth. His new smile is permanent and his front teeth are as strong as ever!

Smile Makeover Using Implants and Dentures

This patient came to us with teeth in bad shape and he was ready for a new smile. They were painful and causing headaches almost daily. We gently removed his remaining teeth and placed dental implants to secure his new dentures. He now has a smile he can be happy with and is free of pain and headaches.

Invisalign Corrects Crooked Front Teeth

Our Morton IL patient was unhappy with the crowding between her front teeth, but had put off doing anything about it because she did not want to wear metal braces. We used Invisalign to address her smile issues invisibly and give her the straight front teeth she had always dreamed of!

Dental Implants Fill In Smile

Our patient had hidden her smile for years, as she was embarassed by the missing back teeth. Once she became ready, we replaced her teeth with dental implants and very natural porcelain crowns. Now she can smile as big as ever!

Dental Implant Gives Young Girl A Great Smile

Our patient was born without an upper front tooth to replace her baby tooth. Once she reached the proper age to have an implant, we replaced that tooth with a beautiful implant and porcelain crown to fill in her great smile!

Rebuilding Smile With Dental Implants

Our patient had struggled with eating and smiling after losing several of her teeth. She wished to hang on to her remaining teeth and build the rest around them with dental implants. We were able to fully restore her smile to allow her to enjoy life again and have her new implants blend in seamlessly with her existing teeth.

Implant And Invisalign Complete The Smile

Our young patient was born without a permanent front tooth. Due to the missing space, her other front teeth had shifted and were in incorrect alignment. We replaced the missing space with a dental implant and porcelain crown while simultaneously correcting the crowded front teeth with Invisalign clear braces.

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